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Virtual Team Trivia

The perfect healthy dose of competition for ANY team. We invite you to answer trivia questions about a variety of topics including personalized questions about your team or organization. The winning team scores bragging rights until your next trivia night!

Home Office Olympics

This one has all the fun jam-packed into several mini-games! Our hosts guide you through an exciting storyline that incorporates a Scavenger Hunt, Charades, an Improvised Presentation, and much more.


Let the laughter begin! If you and your team have ever wanted to know what it feels like to be a real-life improv actor here is your chance. Play games and participate in interactive scene work with award-winning improv master. A fantastic, non-competition activity!

Team Match Game

How well do your teammates know each other? Find out by playing a round of this hilarious game based on the classic game show. We break you up into two teams and ask fun and funny questions about your group that will get everyone talking and sharing stories.


Our host will have you laughing up a storm during this fun and classic game. We even use an old-school bingo ball cage! Play with customized digital bingo cards just for your team.


How well do you think your teammates know each other? Find out and bring your team close together for Thanksgiving with this classic game. We break you up into two teams and ask the questions that your team provides as well as fun facts about your team

Limited edition holiday games

Only here for a bit so grab the fun while you can!


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This team was phenomenal from start to finish! They were fun, prepared, easy to work with and continuously kept everyone engaged. Highly recommended - Amazon, Alexa International will be back soon.

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